Decision Time

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The company was founded in 2003 as Team Solutionz delivering bespoke solutions and services to a range of private and public sector customers. From those relationships we began to develop a set of products that could deliver real value and meet specific customer needs. We created a Grant Management solution that is now used by most of the local councils in Northern Ireland, then MinutePad, a web—based solution to drive paperless meetings. More recently we added Risk and Performance Management solutions to help solve problems in those areas. 

All of our products are underpinned by one idea: to help our customers to make better decisions. This was our goal and to help focus on it in 2018 we renamed our company and our products under the name Decision Time.

Our products are designed to be flexible, easy to buy, easy to implement and easy to use. We now focus solely on these core products and continue to improve them, support them and look for new features and new products to add to the suite.  

The culture and ethos of our company is important to us and is founded on a set of vision, purpose and value statements which the whole team developed and which form the basis of our recruitment, our planning and our decision making. 

Decision Time was highly commended as "Best Place to Work" at this year’s Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards. We are also one of only a handful of companies of our size to hold the Investors in People certification to the Silver standard and are aiming to increase that to at least gold this year.

We know that if we hire the right people and keep them happy, motivated and rewarded then we will build great products that customers will be happy to buy and the financial success of the company will follow. 

We also believe that our team should have a share in that success so we have recently implemented a profit sharing scheme that sees a proportion of our profits shared with all employees. 

In Decision Time senior the leadership team knows how fundamental our staff are to our success. We include everyone, regardless of role or seniority, in our internal communications process. Every “all staff” meeting opens with a reminder of our Vision, Purpose and Values, reinforcing the key role each person plays. Reviews then always start with People, ahead of Products, Customers and Finances.

Happy, rewarded and high performing staff design quality software that attracts and retains loyal clients. In this thriving environment, the finances take care of themselves.