Decision Time Meetings

Board Portal Software
Simplifies meeting management, increases productivity, enables good governance and reduces costs. Assign tasks, record decisions and track results. Make the right decisions quickly and efficiently.



Board Portal
Decision Time Meetings enables good governance, transparency and information security for board members and senior management teams. Decision Time Meetings will increase productivity, reduce costs associated with Board meetings and ultimately help you make decisions faster.

Be Prepared
Improve efficiencies and reduce costs of running a board meeting

  • Drag and Drop

  • Create Agendas

  • Invite Participants

  • Paperless meetings, secure digitisation of confidential information

  • Distribute Information in advance of your meeting

  • Participants can make notes offline and send notifications



Be Informed
Better Engagement, more decisions in the boardroom

  • History at your fingertips

  • Search and find information instantly for faster decision making

  • Access secure document library

  • Provide specific access permissions to sensitive documents

  • Make notes and be prepared for critical decisions

  • Compliance Audit Trail

Be Decisive
Be confident, securely distribute the outputs

  • Create, assign and track tasks

  • Record decisions and notes from the board meeting

  • Keep tasks and decisions private or share them with your colleagues

  • Compile meeting pack as a PDF


Patrick McAliskey, Managing Director of Novosco

“It’s a great tool to allow us to be organised. Previously we had a collection of word documents and spreadsheets in a folder and it was a bit of a mess, not knowing what was the most up to date information. Now we have a proper structured database. It means we are more efficient as an organisation and it means we can run streamlined Board meetings.” 

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