Decision Time Goals

Enterprise Performance Management Software
Set specific, measurable targets for your teams and see, at a glance, your progress. Embed performance improvement into your organisation. 


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Enterprise Performance Management
Decision Time Goals maps objectives and KPIs onto the organisational structure and groups them into themes or priorities, see at a glance where those targets are being met or missed.

Embed a performance culture, plan for success 

  • Create goals and objectives based on your business plan and provide ownership

  • Map and prioritise goals and objectives onto the organisational structure

  • Define exactly how you want each objective to be measured, the measurement type and the frequency

  • Cloud enabled, get up and running in days



Improve accountability, Increase communication

  • Use simple colour coding and percentage to display KPI across the organisation

  • Set frequency of measurement (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) for performance review

  • Alert individuals and owners to remind them to complete tasks and enter measure where appropriate

Review objectives at team and company level, improve overall performance

  • Intelligent Analysis, see at a glance how the organisation is performing by department , theme or individual

  • Produce clear, meaningful reports of overall and specific progress towards individual and company goals

  • Clear and actionable insights on the dashboards


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