Decision Time Goals

Features and Benefits
Decision Time Goals maps goals and objectives onto the organisational structure and also groups them into themes or priorities. For each goal or objective that you set you can choose how you will measure success and what metrics you want to record.




Customisable and Easy to Use
Build your Corporate plan and organisation structure using a clear and easy to use interface.


Set Goals and Objectives
Create goals and objectives based on your plan and assign them to specific parts of your organisation and/or specific high -level themes. 


Ownership and Accountability
Define how you want each objective to be measured- the type of measure, the frequency and the goals.


Define Targets and Measurement
Define exactly how you want each objective to be measured - the type of measure, the frequency and the target.


Visual Dashboards & Reports
Produce clear, meaningful reports of overall specific progress towards the objectives set.


High Level overview
See at a glance how the organisation is performing against the strategic goals of the company.




Cloud Enabled
Get up and running in days providing a faster return on investment.


Intelligent Analysis
See at a glance how the organisation is performing by department, theme or individual objective.


Receive early warnings about areas of concern or objectives that are behind schedule.


Actionable Insights and Notification
Have the system prompt users by email and alert to remind them to complete tasks and enter measures where appropriate.

Effective Enterprise-Performance -Management.png

Effective Enterprise Performance Management
Using well structured visual forms and dashboards makes performance management accessible to all team members.


Effective Decision Making
Turn performance management into a vital decision making tool that can lead strategic and operational decisions across the organisation.


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