Driving Better Decision Making in the NHS

The Journey to ‘Outstanding’

We believe the key to being an outstanding organisation is to have clear visibility and a deep understanding of strategic goals and risks along with effective structures for decision making at all levels. Organisations described as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ will have high performing Boards with excellent visibility of the goals and risks they are responsible for.

Our cloud-based software platform provides leaders with the important information they need, when and where they need it, helping them to:

  • Organise and run effective Meetings enabling faster, better informed, decision making.

  • Manage Risks by simplifying the process of creating, reviewing and monitoring your risks, controls and actions.

  • Track strategic Goals and objectives to understand, in real time, the problems that need focus.

“We knew it wasn’t a temporary solution for the Trust, it was the solution. It is a must have tool for any organisation, very 21st century and I wish we’d had it years ago!”

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive,
Western Health & Social Care Trust

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Case Study

A Decision Time Meetings case study for East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust


Why Decision Time?

A proven track record is a good start.

We understand the specific challenges in your sector and the impact they have on the day to day running of your organisation. Alongside our existing health sector customers we have developed a world-class platform which consistently delivers benefits.

Helping Leaders Make Better Decisions

Decision Time is a series of easy to use, flexible solutions that will transform how your team makes decisions. We’ve looked at the fundamental building blocks of good governance and built an incredibly intuitive platform which enables you to better manage your:

  • Meetings - For boards, councils, management teams and committees of all sizes. Create, manage, read, and annotate meeting  packs quickly and easily. Always be properly informed and well prepared.

  • Risks - Understand your Risk Register and properly manage your controls, actions, assurances and reviews. Focus on what’s important to get critical risks under control. Manage your risks, stop managing spreadsheets.

  • Goals - Set specific, measurable targets for your organisation at all levels and see, at a glance, your progress toward them. Embed performance management in your organisation and never lose sight of your goals.


"Decision Time has surpassed my expectations. It is easy to use, efficient and most of all saves time in the printing and distribution of papers. I would have no hesitation in recommending Decision Time to any other organisation."

Chief Executive
Western Health & Social Care Trust


“I no longer need to stay late in the evening to print and prepare meeting packs. Aside from eradicating overtime needed for creating and distributing meeting packs, Decision Time Meetings freed up time to allow the administrative and support staff to focus on other areas of valuable work.”

Committee Coordinator
East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust