The Journey to ‘Outstanding’ - Driving Better Decision Making in the NHS

In a recent Health blog, PWC stated “From our work with organisations across the NHS we have learnt that there is a direct correlation between those that are rated as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ and the amount of insight board members have into the risks and challenges across their organisations.

Decision Time has been working with clients in the health sector for over 10 years.  Our integrated cloud-based platform provides NHS leaders with a direct line of sight to important information helping them to:

  • Organise and run effective Meetings to enable faster decision making

  • Manage their Risks register by putting ownership back in the hands of those responsible for it   

  • Track strategic Goals and objectives to understand in real time problem areas where specific focus must be applied.


Read how management at the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust are “impressed with its simplicity”.

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Case Study

A Decision Time Meetings case study for East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust


Why Decision Time?

A proven track record is a good start. We understand the specific challenges in your sector and the impact they have on the day to day running of your organisation. Alongside our existing health sector customers we have developed a world-class platform which consistently delivers for our clients.

Here’s what one of them has to say:

“We knew it wasn’t a temporary solution for the Trust, it was the solution. It is a must have tool for any organisation, very 21st century and I wish we’d had it years ago!”

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive,
Western Health & Social Care Trust