The success of any social enterprise doesn’t just rest on the bricks and mortar, success is inherently linked to the leadership and governance structures and the quality of decisions they make.

So how can you ensure those leading your organisation have every opportunity to make the best decisions which drive you forward on a path to success?

A great starting point is with Decision Time. We are well established within the housing sector, and are very proud to be held in high regard. Through collaboration we’ve developed a class leading solution which consistently delivers for our housing sector clients, helping their leaders to run more strategic meetings, manage risks and corporate performance.

Previously we had all our risks held within an excel spreadsheet. It was a bit clunky, a bit difficult to use, hard to update and just wasn’t effective in terms of how we were looking at our risk at a strategic level. So the risk module has been great for the association. The visibility of risks across the Association, from board level right down to officer level, has been a real positive for us.

Matthew Reid, Corporate Services Manager,
Parkhead Housing Association

Cluid HA DT Case Study.png

Case Study

Read about how Clúid Housing Association improved efficiency by increasing the time available to staff and to reduce the increasing costs associated with running paper based processes.

Berwickshire HA DT Case study.png

Case Study

Learn how Berwickshire used Decision Time to overcome the limitations of paper based meetings.


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“It has allowed us to make our meetings completely strategic in nature, at the same time allowing board members to have maximum information to enable them to make the decisions that they really need to make. It also means that the number of meetings we have in a year has been reduced.”

James Strang CIH President and CEO of Parkhead Housing Association

"Given the benefits Decision Time would deliver we expected the transition of settling into the new system would be fairly time consuming and effort intensive, at least in the early stages. Our experience was quite the contrary as the system lightened our workload from day one.”

Corporate Services Manager, Berwickshire Housing Association