Decision Time

Having worked with many housing associations we have learnt many crucial lessons. The success of any social enterprise doesn’t just rest on the bricks and mortar,  success is inherently linked to the leadership and governance structures  and the quality of decisions they make.

So how can you ensure those leading your organisation have every opportunity to make the best decisions which drive you forward on a path to success?

A great starting point is here, with Decision Time.


Decision Time is a series of easy to use, flexible solutions that will transform how your team makes decisions. We’ve looked at the fundamental building blocks of good governance and built an incredibly intuitive platform which enables you to better manage your:

  • Meetings - For boards, councils, management teams and committees of all sizes. Create, manage, read, and annotate meeting  packs quickly and easily. Always be properly informed and well prepared.
  • Risks - Understand your Risk Register and properly manage your controls, actions, assurances and reviews. Focus on what’s important to get critical risks under control. Manage your risks, stop managing spreadsheets.
  • Goals - Set specific, measurable targets for your organisation at all levels and see, at a glance, your progress toward them. Embed performance management in your organisation and never lose sight of your goals.

Why Decision Time?

A proven track record is a good start. We are well established within the housing sector, and we’re very proud to be held in such regard. This doesn’t happen overnight, it’s been the result of working with and listening to housing associations just like you.

We understand the particular challenges in your sector and the impact they have on the day to day running of your organisation.

Through that collaboration we’ve developed a class leading solution which consistently delivers for our housing sector clients.





Case Study

You can also download a copy of a case study carried out in conjunction with Berwickshire Housing Association (BHA). 

With a forward thinking and innovative culture, BHA embarked on a search for suitable solutions that would enable them to address the frustrations they were experiencing administering a paper-based system for their board and committee meetings. BHA were keen to demonstrate their commitment to seizing opportunities that would benefit the organisation and its stakeholders.



Here are some of the comments we have received from customers in the Housing sector. 

“There was an immediate improvement on the effectiveness of the Board operation. What was helpful was that Decision Time followed a familiar methodology to what they were used to, which made for a seamless transition.”

"The Board took to the system with as much enthusiasm as us, the organisers. Despite a little early trepidation as to what the change would mean to their normal process of preparing
for meetings, they quickly enjoyed the benefits and professionalism of the system.” 

"The interface was so intuitive and our team got to grips with it very quickly thanks to some training from Decision Time which I have to say was equally as simple and straightforward."


BHA Cover.png

Berwickshire Housing Association
Case Study