“Local authorities are accountable to their communities for how they spend their money and for ensuring that this spending represents value for money. Local politicians and officers operate within local governance frameworks of checks and balances to ensure that decision-making is lawful, informed by objective advice, transparent and consultative. Good governance means that proper arrangements are in place to ensure that an authority’s intended objectives are achieved.”

The National Audit Office.

Providing solid governance from the very top of an organisation, understanding risks, particularly from some of the external challenges, and crucially having a clear line of sight on how they are performing against goals is crucial to enabling better quality decisions in both local and national government.

Newry Mourne Down DC DT Case Study.png

Case Study

Read how Councillors and Council officers have all commented on the improvements that Decision Time Meetings has brought to Newry, Mourne and Down District Council.


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“...paper has been reduced significantly...our members find it very easy to search back through minutes and agendas, rather than have to go through loads of paper… changes can be made right up until the end…”

Wexford County Council

“Meeting management solution is proving to be a very effective tool for us in administering our wide range of meetings. It also adds benefit to the Councillors receiving the information as accessibility is enhanced through this approach. The implementation of this solution has enabled greater efficiency in dealing with logistical issues surrounding the governance of meetings.”

Liam Hannaway, Chief Executive Designate,
Newry Mourne and Down District Council