From protecting our food standards to custodianship of land and property ownership, provision of legal aid services to the promotion of sport, Non-Departmental Public Bodies, Arm’s Length Bodies, Semi States and Non-Commercial State Agencies all play a crucial role in the delivery of important public services.

Although these organisations generally sit outside the structure of formal government, they are just as accountable and all have an enormous responsibility to ensure they use public funding effectively, transparently and for the greater good.

Governments have encouraged Non-departmental bodies to be much clearer in how they organise and present information, particularly around the themes of Governance, Performance & Risks, Data, and Customers & Citizens.

Design and Crafts Council of Ireland DT Case study.png

Case Study

Read how the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland saw a time saving of around 25% following the introduction of Decision Time.

To be able to provide information about organisational performance against strategic goals, effective understanding and management of risk and transparency of good organisational governance, it is crucial that the correct systems are in place.


Decision Time’s suite of governance software can help.  Contact us today to find out how Non-departmental bodies are using our platform to digitise cumbersome and expensive paper based processes, improve the speed and quality of decision making, improve data security, drive process efficiency and cost savings, and make access to information much easier.


"Decision Time Meetings has allowed us to put a new policy in place with total confidence. All presentations and important reports are submitted on time and easily uploaded against each agenda item, so Board members can begin their preparation on time. That's definitely made things easier for us as meeting organisers - we now have more control over the process and of course, there's no last minute pressure if we need to edit the documents or agenda."

Mary Blanchfield, Head of Operations, DCCoI

"With Decision Time Meetings, we always know that it is the final document being presented to the Board. The correct version is the one that's been uploaded. There is no other possible outcome!"

Tanya Jones, Policy & Protocol Executive Officer, DCCoI