Irrespective of private or public sector, change and increasing pressure on organisations are now constants. Companies are having to make more out of limited resources, geopolitical uncertainty and ever-increasing pressure from customers, stakeholders, auditors and regulators.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to steer the enterprise through disruptive times and make the decisions that will ultimately determine if their company succeeds or fails.

Among the challenges Boards face when it comes to decision making include not having line of sight to important information. Data may be presented in ways that does not easily identify problems or opportunities; it may be out of date, irrelevant, or just too complex to be properly understood by different departments of an organisation.

Decision Time can help cut through the noise.

Our governance platform provides senior management teams with an easy to use tool to set and track strategic goals, manage corporate risks and run effective meetings - allowing their decision making to be as informed as possible.

Catalyst Inc DT Case Study.png

Case Study

Read how Catalyst used Decision Time to enhance their boardroom experience, providing the process improvements they sought, while also meeting their budgetary expectations.


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“It’s a great tool to allow us to be organised.  Previously we had a collection of word documents and spreadsheets in a folder and it was a bit of a mess, not knowing what was the most up to date information.  Now we have a proper structured database. It means we are more efficient as an organisation and it means we can run streamlined Board meetings.”  

Patrick McAliskey, Managing Director, Novosco

“Initially we used it at Board level and fairly quickly we decided to roll it out to the Sales team. Then somewhat organically the Project team jumped on board and they seem to be getting a lot of value out of the system as well. We have found it an invaluable tool on a number of different fronts.  It’s a great system to keep structure to the meeting and make sure that everybody follows the agenda, and that the appropriate minutes are created according to the agenda. We don’t really get any variance, so it enforces that discipline.”

John Lennon, Sales Director, Novosco

“It is good at looking at historic meetings, you can look back through minutes and documents for meetings that have been scheduled in the past and see what was discussed”  

Grace O’Neill, Project Administrator, Novosco