Decision Time Risks

Enterprise Risk Management Software
Enable teams of any size to start effectively managing risks and to stop wrestling with spreadsheets, documents or inflexible, unfriendly software.


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Risk Management
Decision Time Risk Management software enables you to visualise your Risk Register to properly manage your controls, actions, assurances and reviews to mitigate your risks. Focus on what’s important to get critical risks under control. 

Focus on identifying and prioritising your risks register

  • Flexible configuration options allow the system to match your Risk Management processes, scoring and reporting standards

  • Set the ownership of risks, controls and actions to ensure accountability

  • Record scores for the inherent, residual and target risk using standard impact and likelihood scores



Better Engagement, more decisions in the boardroom

  • Manage due dates, review dates and the current status of all actions and controls

  • In-depth Analysis of your current risk profile and the state of all actions and control

  • Produce clear meaningful reports in a range of formats and styles

Manage your Risks in a secure environment 

  • Manage all risks across one or more registers

  • Enable automatic email alerts to owners of risks and controls

  • Visual dashboards of all risks with ability to drill in for more detailed information

  • Keep a history of progress and easily show changes from one review cycle to the next


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