Decision Time Risks

Features and Benefits
Decision Time Risks is intended to provide a clear, simple overview of your risk register with all the control, guidance and visual cues you need to help embed a culture of Risk Management within your organisation.



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Manage all risks across one or more registers
View all of your risks on one platform, making it easier to identify, assess and manage your risks across multiple business owners, teams and locations.


Identify and record level of risks
Record scores for the inherent, residual and target risk to achieve your company's objectives.


Set the ownership and accountability
Focus your resources on the risks and controls that make the biggest impact on the organisation.


Flexible Configuration Options
Our Risk Management Software can be adapted to suits your needs, no coding required.


Automatic Email Alerts
Enable automatic email alerts to owners of risks and controls when reviews and actions are overdue.


Visual Dashboards
Present an overview of all risks or filtered groups of risks with the ability to drill in for more information.




Simple Navigation
Our Step-by-step risk building template simplifies the process for non experts allowing wider adoption  across your business.


Improved Processes
The visual design ensures your focus is drawn to whats important saving time while ensuring nothing critical is missed. Our ERM software ensure everyone is on track with their actions and reviews.


End to End User Connections
All your information in one place, everyone now has the same information and is on the same page. Embed a Risk culture within your business.


Expert Advice
Our implementation team knows Risk Management and can offer advice, support and training on the system and on best-practice throughout the process.


Cloud Based Application
As a modern, cloud hosted, software as a service solution you will find installation and roll-out is simple and that you have the flexibility to work from anywhere on a range of devices.


Information Security 
Our Enterprise Risk Management software is aligned with internationally recognised frameworks, your information is secure.

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