Decision Time Risks

The Risks module is intended to provide a clear, simple overview of your risk register with all the control, guidance and visual cues you need to help embed a culture of Risk Management within your organisation.

Visualise your Risk Register to properly manage your controls, actions, assurances and reviews and so  mitigate your risks. Focus on what’s important to get critical risks under control.

Spend valuable time managing your risks, not wrestling with a spreadsheet.

Photo by _marcocosta/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by _marcocosta/iStock / Getty Images

By Managing Risk You
Can Reach Remarkable


With Decision Time Risks you can build your risk register quickly and easily then manage your risks, controls reviews and actions.

  • Intelligent Analysis - See at a glance the current risk profile and the state of all actions and controls.
  • In-depth Detail - Drill down to identify and correct the state of individual risks.
  • Clear Insights - Produce clear, meaningful reports in a range of formats and styles.
  • Foresight - Receive early warnings about areas of concern or objectives that are behind schedule.
  • Cloud enabled.- Get up and running in days providing a faster return on investment.


  • Simple navigation ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible.
  • Step-by-step risk building simplifies the process for non experts allowing wider adoption.
  • The system prompts make sure everyone is kept on track with their actions and reviews. 
  • The visual design ensures your focus is drawn to whats important saving time while ensuring nothing critical is missed. 
  • Removing barriers and excessive administration helps to embed a culture of Risk Management into the organisation.
  • Board members and senior management maintain oversight of the whole process without getting lost int he weeds of detail .
  • Everyone now has the same information,  is always looking at the latest version and is on the same page.
  • Our implementation team knows Risk Management and can offer advice, support and training on the system and on best-practice throughout the process.
  • As a modern, cloud hosted, software as a service solution you will find installation and roll-out is simple and that you have the flexibility to work from anywhere on a range of devices 




  • Manage all risks across one or more registers.
  • Easy to use visual forms guide users through the process of creating and reviewing risks.
  • Record scores for the inherent, residual and target risk using standard impact and likelihood scores with detailed descriptions to guide you.
  • Set the ownership of risks, controls and actions to ensure accountability.
  • Manage due dates, review dates and the current status of all actions and controls.
  • Enable automatic email alerts to owners of risks and controls when reviews and actions are overdue.
  • Visual dashboards present an overview of all risks or filtered groups of risks with the ability to drill in for more information. 
  • Keep a history of progress and easily show changes from one review cycle to the next.
  • Create summary and detail reports for managers and board members.
  • Flexible configuration options allow the system to match your Risk Management processes, scoring and reporting standards while increasing control and promoting best practice.